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LorancexRan Found a Ref and went for it! by Shezu-Rivera
LorancexRan Found a Ref and went for it!

Okay, so, I was working on something with these two characters Lorance (belonging to :iconyzzilliz: ) and Ran (belonging to me) when I stumbled upon this picture --> and…well, I couldn't help myself! Lorance might be a little out of character here but…Oh my gosh! I couldn't help it!!! They're just so cute together I can see them stumbling into this situation and Lorance just deciding to mess with her a little because she's so oblivious! I couldn't help it! It was cute!! *andIamsoshippingthesetworightnowsorryliz* 

Thing is…ran into a little bit of a snag…..ermmm….I don't have a picture of Lorances lower half! XD I need his shoes and pants! So this'll have to wait to be completed but….Oh well! Maybe I can finish that picture I was planning to do in the first place~

Lorance belongs to :iconyizzilliz:
Ran belongs to me.
Ran for Lizzy's world by Shezu-Rivera
Ran for Lizzy's world
This is what Ran looks like for :iconyzzilliz:'s world and our rp. Sorry for the crappy picture. I'll upload and update it better later.
Someone was kind enough to review our hair bow shop (Our Peach Blossoms)! Check it out! There's also a give away for a free bow! 

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Shezu Rivera
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Well, let's see, I am a writer and an artist by hobby, not trade. I do a lot of OC work. The idea of creating a new character to go through situations and wander around a world someone else created is so enticing to me. (Also having the voices in my head talk to the voices in other people's heads instead of bickering and drowning out my own thoughts is a nice change of pace~) Most of the drawings and writings are OC characters in someone else's story and world because of this, but I do my own work fairly often (just don't usually post it). I have a lot of worlds I'm very interested in but I haven't gotten around to drawing yet; RWBY being number one at the moment. But I've been slacking at keeping my stuff updated as of recently.

Traditional drawings are some of my favorites and coming up with concepts and characters to build a story around is usually the reason I draw. To write, create stories and worlds, is my passion and I love to give background and meaning to my drawings so--even when I don't write it in the description--there's always a story to what I draw...even if I have to make it up on the spot as I post or someone asks...okay, that may happen a lot...

Just like I love to post, draw, and write stuff based on other people's worlds and character, I love it when people do the same to my characters. As any artist who believes their characters are their children, I can be a bit picky about their personalities being in character and their situations being spot on. That being said, nothing gives me more joy than having someone put the effort into giving my character--a character I put time, thought, energy, blood, sweat, and tears into--attention and love. There are several examples of this that make me so happy!

Here for my character Chi:
Contest Winner Shezu-Rivera by Raixal

And here for my character Ran:
Full Body Commission - Shezu Rivera by Raixal
RP Scene: WIP by YzzilLiz
Ran: GIFT by YzzilLiz
Best pillow since actual pillows: COLORED by YzzilLiz

And also for Kakuei:
Mentor and Apprentice by Minish-Mae

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Can you tell me the colors the best you can??
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Okay~! Umm…Let's see. Her jacket will be a darkish brown leather. Her undershirt is white. Her pants are…ummm….Dark forest green. Her boots are Dark green for the separate piece and the same dark brown for the base piece. Her gloves'll be dark green and her stone is bright blue (the one on her left hand). Same goes for the stone necklace. I didn't know how much you needed so there you go~ Hope it helps!
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